Counseling for Women


Are You Struggling to Feel Whole, Present and Fulfilled in Your Life?

  • Do you feel as though a dark cloud is hanging over you, and nothing in life seems to matter?
  • Do you frequently feel worried, on-edge or unprepared for whatever life brings next?
  • Have you experienced a painful and traumatic event in your life, and now you feel haunted by memories?
  • Are you relying on drugs or other substances to make it through the day?
  • Has a significant life transition – such as a career change, a divorce or the birth of a child ­– left you feeling unsure of who you are and what you should do?
  • Do you wish you could feel optimistic, engaged and free to live the life you want?

Many women struggle with feelings of self-doubt, low self-worth, hopelessness and helplessness. You may feel overwhelmed by your emotions and confused about what could be causing you so much pain. Maybe you suspect that something is wrong with you, and you fear that you might be broken in some way. Perhaps you have experienced times like this before, but now you can’t seem to shake off your negative feelings or find the energy to make a change. Your friends and family members might not understand what you are going through, making you feel isolated and alone. You may be having an increasingly hard time getting through your day, and you frequently feel irritable, worried, exhausted and sad. Maybe you just don’t feel like yourself anymore.

If You Feel Lost, You Are Not Alone 

At some stage in her life, every woman faces mental, physical and emotional challenges. If you are struggling to cope with painful thoughts, memories and emotions, you are not broken or defective. So many women struggle with depression, anxiety, trauma, substance abuse issues and life transitions. It is also extremely common to face more than one of these issues at once. For example, when a woman experiences a life transition, she may not have the distractions she once relied on to bury memories of a trauma. As PTSD symptoms reappear, the woman may feel anxious or depressed. It is also very common for survivors of trauma to develop a dependency on drugs or alcohol. Our mental and emotional lives are complex, and you are not wrong or weak if you are feeling overwhelmed.

Women are conditioned to feel like nurturers. So many women try to balance it all – career, home, relationships, social life, etc – and leave little time for their own self-care. In addition to fears, worries, flashbacks and cravings, it’s not uncommon to struggle with feeling of guilt, worthlessness and helplessness. If you have been struggling with sadness, worry, flashbacks or substance abuse issues for a long time, you are likely experiencing something that you can’t just “snap out of.” Thankfully, with compassionate support, you can begin to better understand your emotions and experience, reconnect with your true self and discover lasting relief.

Counseling for Women Can Help You Heal and Move Forward

Regardless of what you are experiencing now, there is hope for a lighter, more satisfying future. As a skilled psychologist, I can give you a thorough assessment. Together, we can clearly identify and explore the issues that are causing you pain. Whether you are struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, substance abuse or life transitions, I can offer the best possible care. I am a skilled, understanding therapist who will treat you like a unique individual. In sessions, I provide a safe, nonjudgmental space for you to share your thoughts, feelings and fears openly and honestly. Counseling for women can be a time for you to just be you, with no external pressures or expectations.

Together, we can discuss the things that are making you feel stuck in your life. Through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, I can help you challenge thinking and behavior patterns that are no longer productive. If you are struggling with substance abuse, I can help you develop alternative coping methods. Through mindfulness work, you can build the tools you need to accept and integrate emotions before they become too overwhelming to manage. As you retrain your panic system and challenge negative beliefs about yourself and the world, you can begin to feel present in the moment and enjoy the many possibilities that life has to offer.

I specialize in helping people find relief from PTSD, including childhood trauma, which many people bury without realizing it. If appropriate, I can help you better understand the way your past may be impacting your present. Many people who have survived childhood trauma do not exhibit the symptoms of PTSD until years later, especially during periods of stress or change. It is also very common to present with the symptoms of anxiety and depression and abuse drugs or alcohol when a buried trauma is re-emerging. If a trauma is keeping you stuck, I can help you find lasting healing.

Through counseling for women, you can stop letting anxiety, depression, trauma, or substances control your life. You can develop a strong sense of empowerment and self-esteem. Sometimes, all of us have something that gets in our way. But, you don’t have to let roadblocks stand in front of you forever. You can make positive changes, develop the tools you need to face life’s challenges and create the rich, productive life you want.

You may believe that counseling for women can help you feel better, but still have questions or concerns…

Counseling for women will take too much time and money.

It can be very difficult for women to dedicate time and resources to their own physical, mental and emotional well-being. But, I believe that you are worth it. Counseling for women is an investment in your long-term health and happiness. By spending a little bit of time with an experienced therapist, you can find greater satisfaction and peace in your life as a whole. Also, I take most insurance, and Hawaii has very good coverage for mental health, meaning you will have a similar co-pay for sessions as you have when you go to the doctor (or if you are on Quest, you will have no co-pay).

Are you just going to put me on medication?

I would never force you to take any sort of medication that you don’t want to. In many situations, therapy is enough to make significant progress and shift a person’s life. However, in some cases, especially for those struggling with longstanding anxiety and depression, I may recommend medication if I feel that it will help you on your path to healing. I will always discussion my opinion with you and answer any questions you may have. Ultimately, it is your choice, and if you decided that medication may help you, I will work with you and your primary care physician to help get the help you need. 

I feel like I should be able to deal with this on my own.

It can be incredibly difficult to ask for help. But, experiencing pain and asking for support does not make you a weak person. In fact, reaching out and expressing your willingness to make a change shows that you are strong. While it may seem as though many others are able to cope with life’s challenges with ease, you never completely know another person’s inner struggle.


Sometimes, life’s challenges can make it feel as though your world has been turned upside down. But, you don’t have to go through this alone. If you are ready to start living the life you want, I invite you to call (808) 747 3445 for a free 15-20-minute phone consultation. I’m happy to answer questions you have about counseling for women and my practice. I also invite you to explore my other specialty pages to learn more about anxiety, depression, trauma, substance abuse or life transitions.

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