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Are You Exhausted by the Disharmony in Your Home? 

  • Is your child disobeying rules, throwing tantrums, or engaging in worrisome behavior outside of the home?
  • Does your child seem sullen, withdrawn and uninterested in being a part of the family?
  • Are you concerned about the well-being of your child now that he or she is an adult?
  • Do you worry that you are doing something wrong as a parent?
  • Do you wish you could bring your family together, resolve conflicts and nurture love and communication in your home?

Asian Family Playing In Summer Garden TogetherWhether your child is in five, fifteen or twenty-five, parenting is the hardest job there is. You might be feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. Perhaps you are plagued by guilt because sometimes you feel as though you love your child, but you struggle to “like” him or her. You might also feel like you are unable to communicate with your child or understand his or her behaviors. Maybe every day feels like a struggle. Perhaps you’re concerned that your child may have a learning disability or a social disorder, but also fear what a diagnosis might mean for your child’s future.

You may worry that you are failing as a parent, especially if others around you – from your child’s teacher to strangers at the grocery store – have criticized you or your child. Or, if your child is an adult, you might feel unsure of the best way to offer him or her support, especially if he or she is struggling with legal issues, mental health issues or substance abuse. The whole family might be suffering, especially if one child is the focus of your attention due to his or her behavioral, emotional or communication issues. Perhaps you and your co-parent disagree on what to do, which leads to even more conflict and tension. Maybe you feel helpless, confused and desperate for something in your life and family to change.

Many Families Face Periods of Difficulty and Strain

If family issues are making you feel distressed, anxious and worn-out, you are not alone. Parenting is an incredibly difficult job, and no one is handed a one-size-fits-all manual. Countless parents feel as though they are scrambling to keep everyone in the family happy and healthy. No two parents start a family with the exact same experience or parenting style, especially if they come from two very different backgrounds. And, some children are just more strong-willed, stubborn and challenging than others. Thankfully, regardless of the issues that your family is facing, there is a way to strengthen communication, develop effective parenting skills and begin to truly enjoy a loving, supportive relationship with your family again.

Family Counseling Can Help You Resolve Conflict and Restore Harmony

As a therapist who specializes in childhood development and family systems, I have helped many families work through issues and come to a place of peace and healing. During family counseling, I can help you better understand what your child is going through and expected developmental stages. I can also help you allow for self-compassion and self-care so that you can stop feeling guilty and stuck. Instead, you can feel empowered and confident in your parenting abilities and the relationships you have with your children and co-parent.

Family counseling sessions are compassionate, nonjudgmental and tailored to meet your family’s particular needs. Together, we can identify and address the unhelpful patterns that your family may be stuck in. I will serve as your coach and cheerleader, offering you the support and guidance you need to feel empowered in your role as a parent. I can help you develop the parenting skills needed to adapt to your children’s different developmental stages, from kindergarten to high school to college and beyond. You and your co-parent can discuss your parenting styles and agree on a common, consistent approach. In sessions, you will also have the opportunity to practice your new skills.

If your child has experienced a trauma or is struggling with a disability, I can help you develop the tools you need to best support your child. You can also express your own difficult emotions, thoughts and fears without worrying that I will judge you or your family. Watching your child struggle can be an incredibly difficult and helpless experience, and I am here to help your whole family cope.

I offer family counseling for young children, school-aged children, teenagers and families of adult children, along with counseling for parenting issues. By looking for help, you are demonstrating all the love and concern that makes a great parent. It’s okay to need a little guidance or a place to feel understood. Through family counseling, you can discover connection, care and happiness in your family again.

You may believe that family counseling can help you communicate and connect with your family, but still have questions or concerns…

One of my family members won’t come to therapy.

If your child, co-parent or another family member is resistant to the idea of therapy, you can still attend on your own or just with your child. While family counseling is most effective when all of the adults in a child’s life agree to establish consistency in their interactions with the child, you can still make positive changes in your own parenting and communication. Because a family is a system, even one change can create change for everyone.

I am afraid of learning that something is really wrong.

A diagnosis can be frightening, especially if you discover that your child is struggling with a disability. However, behavioral issues do not necessarily mean that your child has a disability. Your child may just be having trouble adjusting to transitions in his or her life. An adjustment disorder diagnosis will not follow your child through his or her education and career. Also, if your child really is struggling with something serious, it is important to get him or her the necessary help so that he or she can experience greater success and satisfaction in the future.

My family’s schedule is crazy. How will we have time for family counseling? 

While family counseling does take time, I invite you to consider how much time, energy and even money you have already dedicated to attempts to solve your family’s issues and conflicts. During family counseling, you can learn effective skills so that you are able to stop tantrums and misbehavior, as well as let go of guilt and shame. You can begin to enjoy the time you spend with your family even more.

You don’t have to struggle with family issues alone. I invite you to call (808) 747 3445 for a free 15-20-minute phone consultation. I’m happy to answer any questions you have about family counseling and my practice.

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